I guess you're here because you want to know more about  who  created this site.
Who's writing is Arlon Stok, born in  Trieste where, again?
I then lived in Greytown (nz), Milano (it), Köln (de),
Helsinki (fi), Bruxelles (be).
It's also always good to let me know
where you, dear visitor, come from.
In brief, I like facing the basics of design.
Despite all the topics I dealt with lately, the kind of challenges I'd undertake all the time involve strategy,
 metaphors , skills  and meaning  being given.
In my spare time, I cultivate  more  hobbies and interests
 than I could ever  be able to
 handle .
Go ahead: send me an email or use skype.
Otherwise go have a walk, travel a bit, test your eyesight, cook some good pasta or, why not, take a look at my Linkedin profile.

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