List of research topics and subjects I've dealt with

Advanced packaging ideation


Ambient multimedia and lighting


Brand creation and refinement


Brand hijacking


Beauty and fascisms




Card games


Classicism in design


Colour theories and applications


Corporate Identities


CSS art


Cutlery and Chopsticks


Design history and heritage


Design Strategy and Innovation


Differences between style and elegance


Electronic music, visually


Ethics in Design


Future relations between users and products/services


GPS navigation


History and Sociology of Italian broadcasting


Hypermedial languages and structures


Innovating Innovation


Interface prototyping




Lighting techniques


Manga structure and grammar


Matlab & matrices






Organic elements and patterns


Personal and visual identity


Photographing materials


Programming for graphics: Processing, Nodebox


Real-life branding and allegories


Recipes design and graphics


Semiotics, Semantics






Social Networks


Stopmotion animation


Street stalls


Symbiotic production


Twisting reality


Video editing techniques


Visual identity for broadcast


Visual metaphors


Visualizing complexity




Weak signals of future trends


Wood packaging